Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quiz Questions - Answer correctly and win prizes

Friends,here are the 5 questions of the EHS Quiz,that my friends in Amrutha agency are sponsoring on my blog
Amrutha agency are the stockists of Medicines and they have informed me that,they would host many more such competitions,based on the success of this quiz.
I Prize : Rs 1000
II Prize : Rs.500
III Prize : Rs250(two prizes of Rs 250 each).
1.What is the full form of WEEE(related to e-waste)?
2.Portable Fire extinguishers are supposed to be mounted or placed on a
platform at what height(in cms) from the floor?

3.Haemoglobin in blood contains which element?
4.Which gas was mainly responsible for Bhopal Gas tragedy?
5.What is the full form of "HAZOP"?
What you need to do:..........
  • Send in your answers to by 15th August 2008 with "Quiz Answers" in the subject line
The decission of Amrutha agency and me would be final.In case there are more than one person sending all correct answers,then,the winners will be decided by drawing of lots.

a.The prizes will be given in Indian Rupees only
b.I will be sending the winners cheque from my personal account,as amrutha agency have
already credited the prize amount to my account. Contact me if You have any clarifications
Happy quizzing & winning!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Check this website on Health

Friends,You must check this website on health It gives lot of information on health related issues,diseases and their preventions.You can also find in health related vedios that are quite interesting
This website mainly targets the major causes of diseases in India and also how to scientifically prevent them.
This website is maintained by the Public Health Foundation of India in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
I would reccomend this as one of the comprehensive website on Health in India

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Safety Quiz - prizes

Amrutha agency have once again confirmed that they would be hosting the Safety quiz from my blog.They have also told me that the following will be the prize details.
  • I prize : Rs 1000
  • II prize : Rs 500
  • III Prize : Rs 250(Two prizes of Rs 250 each)

They have asked me to frame 5 questions related to Safety(of course I will surely include E and H part also). You can expect shortly a post from me regarding the questions.

Based on the success of this quiz,they have promised to host many more quizes,competitions on this blog.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Safety Quiz - Coming soon

Friends,Its been a while I have been thinking about a safety quiz...Yes the EHS professionals require something.Finally I have got the response.My friends in Amrutha Agency have told me that they will host a EHS quiz on my blog....Prizes to be won,..So wait for announcements

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Insect eating plant - Vedio

Friends,I just received a mail containing a vedio of a insect eating plant.The plant is scientifically called Dionea.This mail was sent to me by my friend Nanjunde Gowda.I have uploaded the same in my blog

Monday, July 21, 2008

About E-waste-Current condition

The new E-waste Guidelines released and also the new draft of E-waste Management rules(that MAIT is developing) have done one good to give a definition to E-waste.
Now we can,to a greater extent define E-waste as "Wastes whole or in part,comprising of or derived from used electrical and electronic equipments that are not fit for its original use and are destined to for refurbishment,recycling or disposal and it shall include but not confined to the wastes listed in the schedule annexed to these rules"
These may take some more time to come into action/implementation,but I think finally we are moving in right direction.
E-waste has always been a hot topic.and many of the companies are targeted for the way they manage the e-waste.The pioneer in this has been the green peace.We all know the series of protests organised by them against the mis-management of E-waste.
You can expect to see lot more posts by me on E-waste,but I wanted this post to be a starter.
In India Ministry of Environment and forests has been leading the way legislations have been developed.Atlast now we are seeing some lights.
The main issue was not of just legislations,it was about infrastructures to support this legislation.Starting Yr 2005 there were very few recyclers,who had the knowlegde of E waste recycling.In those days the E-waste was categorised as Schedule 31.1 in Hazardous waste Rules 2003.As the scenario and awareness changed,more and more recyclers started coming into India.I thought in this post Let me give you names and contacts of few recyclers,with whom I have talked to.
1.E-Parisaraa in Bangalore
2.Tes-Amm in Chennai
3.Trishyiraya Recyclers( Now SIMS) in Chennai
4.TIC Group in Noida
You can expect from me more posts on E-wastes in future.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Safety Awareness!!! Commercial establishments???

We talk about Safety in industries!! but many of us may not have wondered the same safety awareness in some of the premises occupied by commercial establishments like banks,shopping complex etc.

Visit any commercial establishments to see for yourself.We can at the minimum observe the fire extinguishers been blocked by goods and materials.Any question from you to the owner of the shop will be answered in one similar tone ..."Nothing will Happen".."To us Bussiness is more important than giving importance to such things...!

Just look at the picture...I took this picture(with most difficulty) at one of the nationalized Banks(Name of the bank is not only issue is of prime concern).The bank officials had cooly put a calender ...nicely hooked to fire extinguisher.When asked came a usual reply "Nothing will happen"

The Government need to do a lot for making them understand that in case of a real emergency the staff and customers will be charred to death...

God knows whether these commercial establishments conduct fire evacuation drills???

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Expect better posts

My friends have been asking me about new posts and why I have not uploaded any thing....Well was quite busy last week .So expect some good posting this time.I plan to post a article on E-waste this week and I hope that it will be very informative to all

Friday, July 11, 2008

What to blog??

I have been thinking for a long time now about what topics I need to blog and which topic will give me more scope and subscribers.I finally stopped at EHS..Why EHS....very simple...this is the area which is becoming more interresting and popular.This area requires lot of reading and tapping correct resources.