Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updates on Swine flu available at Health Ministry Website

I am sure most of you are tracking our Indian Ministry for Health and family Welfare Website.This website has a separate dedicated link for Swine Flu updates.
Do track this website regularly to obtain information on various aspects,measures taken by the ministry and also Daily Press releases.
You can use the informations in the website and specifically in the Draft plan for Pandemic preparedness and response to prepare a plan that would suit your community or office

Very good and updated informations are available in this website.Hope this information is helpful

Pandemic Phases : Phase 1 to Phase 6

The World Health Organization(WHO) has raised the Pandemic alert for H1N1 Influenza A(Swine Flu) to Level 6.This has caused 'situation of panic' among many countires.However,what we fail to understand is the meaning of this!!.The alert level has been raised on the basis of spread and certainly not on the basis of severity.
It is important to understand what does different phases.There are actually 1-6 phases and each of these are described as follows:
  • Phase 1 : Low risk of human cases
  • Phase 2 : Higher risk of human cases
  • Phase 3 : No or very limited human to human transmission
  • Phase 4 : Evidence of increased human to Human transmissions
  • Phase 5 : Evidence of significant Human to Human transmission
  • Phase 6 : Efficient and sustained Human to Human transmission

I hope this information helps in better understanding!

Have a Influenza-free life!!!!!!