Friday, September 19, 2008

Parking ethics - Do not block fire fighting equipments

This is what I found ,when I visited Ginger Hotel at Pantnagar,during my visit this time.The hotel had fire hydrant posts near the parking area.The hotel authorities had designated the area infront of this hydrant post as a No parking area.During my observation,I saw a car being parked in this no -parking area,right infront of hydrant post.I tried talking to the driver of this car and tried to educate him on this to which initially he said that,he does not care.But when the importance of the hydrant post was told to him,he oblized and removed the car and parked in a different location.

I had the pleasure of atleast educating a person!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Save Water - Do not waste the resource

This is the common scenario.Many of us speak a lot on natural resource conservation.But what about actually practising it?

Leaking taps,leaking water supply pipes are common scenes in our house,our localities.Whenever you observe this,kindly take immediate countermeasure-calling the plumber,or immediately informing the water supply board.

Kindly do not neglect the water resource.If I remember correctly,I had read an article on internet that the third world war will be fought on the issue of water.


  • Use water carefully,do not waste water

  • Ensure that the tap is closed when you are applying soap/handwash.Turn the tap on only when you finish rubbing your hand with soap solution

  • Adopt rainwater harvesting

  • Do not unnecessarily water plants during rainy season

  • Spread the message to your family,friends and network