Monday, November 17, 2008

Parking ethics - Park vehicles properly without troubling others

This was my observations yesterday,when I visited a famous shopping mall.Look at the photo,which is self explainatory.
I do not know who parked first ,but it will be really interesting to see who will take out the car first!!!!
We all must understand the mirthy proverb of the world-:"Live and let live".We do not have rights to trouble others.If you do not get a parking slot,or do not know how to park,then just get out of the mall do not trouble other users.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Language converter :Useful tool for Preparing training material

All professionals will agree,that most effective way of training,is to present to the trainees in the language they understand.It is often found that,majority of the trainers use English as the medium of training.

Just imagine that,you are training a group of contractors on construction safety and they only understand languages like Kannada,Tamil etc.Then to make the session more interesting,prepare the training material in trainees langauge.

Here is a tool.When you click on this,you get a typing space and choose the language you want and type the pronounciation in english.Corresponding local language letters will appear.After this it is easy to cut and paste this on a poerpoint or word training material

It really helps.Try this out and give me your feedback