Monday, October 27, 2008

Celebrate Diwali Safely

It is the festival of lights and is celebrated with lot of enthu from people of all ages.I wish you alla happy and prosperous Diwali.Yes....In this enthu kindly do not forget

  • To ensure your's and your family's safety while bursting crackers

  • Never allow children to burst crackers without you being around

  • Always keep the first aid like plasters/band aid,Ointments ,so that they are readily avaiable

  • Ensire that you do not inhale too much of a smoke .that generated after bursting of the crackers

  • Never allow the sparks to get into your eyes

  • As far as possible burst low decibel crackers...If you cannot than atleast ensure that the children and Old aged persons are at safe distance.

  • Keep the contact number of the nearby hospital ready.

Wishing you a Happy Diwali again and thanks a lot for reading this safety message on my blog

Monday, October 20, 2008

Check Expiry Dates before you purchase medicines

Just a small reminder for all.....when you intend to buy medicines next time in a medical store,do not forget to check the expiry date on it

Do remember that the medicines are inaffective after the expiry date and may result in serious side effects.

The other day,when I visited a medicine shop,I saw a person purchasing the medicines.Out of curiosity ,I asked him whether he has checked the expiry date.The reply I got was a shock.He said that he only checked the price and not the expiry date.

Many of us,as a result of our hectic schedule.may forget to check this....But always remember that ,this cannot be an excuse!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Emergency Escape route :Keep it clear and clean

Just thought of writing this post after my return from an audit.
We must always ensure that the emergency escape routes/staircases are free of obstructions.Kindly ensure that you do not store any materials in this path,as it would proove detrimental in case of real emergency.
The route/path must be free,so that people can easily run out and evacuate as early as possible.
I think below are the few measures you can take to ensure this:
  • Include checking the emergency escape route/path as a check-point in your Housekeeping cheklist and let this be checked atleast once after the end of the shift(No problem,if your housekeeping persons wants to check this every hour/frequently)
  • Educate all employees on the importance of following this very important rule
  • Display good visual controls,to inform all that it is not a good practice to block emergency escape routes

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pollution Pollution every where! no place to spare

I have been always telling people proudly about my native district Uttara Kannada's(Karwar) greenary and the way people are preserving the environment.

But this time around when I travelled to my native place Kumta,I decided to give a try and confirm whether my understanding was correct.
While driving I observed lot of plastic waste being thrown all the way.The above photoes I took at a small canal in karki ,a place near Honnavar says the story.You can find lot of plastic wastes just thrown around all places including the small canals,rivers(including the famous river Sharavathi).
I hope commonsense prevails and the people become aware of these issues.I am confident that the people of uttarakannada will surely understand the importance of saying "No to Plastics"